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Brief Origin of Pajamas

The origin of Pajamas, popularly known as Pjs these days are found in the 8th and 9th century British colonization of the subcontinent. They were known as pay-jamas which stood for Pay(leg) and jamas (clothing). These pajamas were somewhat considered luxury and were worn by gentry and peasants. Pajamas were actually introduced in Briton in the 7th century but they only started to become famous during 1860’s. The roots of Pjs or pajamas are also found in the Persian civilization. Pajamas were always genderless however, they were more popular among men than they were among the women in the beginning. These Pjs or pajamas were almost always styled loose for comfort and casual wear.

Sleepwear for women

Pajamas got famous among women pretty quickly and they have somewhat become the standard sleepwear for women. The same loose styled shirt + trousers Pjs are known as sleeping suits, night dress and even nighty among women. This nightwear has become popular almost all around the world and many huge clothing brands have introduced their own nightwear collection for women. Women pajamas have not only become the very symbol of comfort but they are also widely popular being considered exotic. Certain fabrics such as silk is used to bring that extra bit if romance and sexiness in life.  

Night suits for Men

Although the style of regular sleepwear or pjs is exactly the same for men and women however, there are some colors and designs which are considered rather girlish. Bright colors and ‘cute Prints’ are more popular among women sleepwear while men usually go for something simple, bland and classic.

Cotton Sleepwear – Pjs

Cotton is one of the fabrics which is pretty popular when it comes to pjs. There are many types of cotton which define the comfort level of your pjs. Some of the cotton fabric found in sleepwear is not as comfortable as one would like. The most common reason is that cotton is often mixed with other fabrics such as polyester which damages the overall softness of the end product. On the other hand, 100% cotton sleepwear brings you just as much luxury and comfort as you would like. Pjs with good soft cotton are super soft and very long-lasting. Cotton also comes in both winter and summer fabric.

Summer Linen – Pjs

Linen is one of those fabrics which is extremely popular when it comes to summer pjs. There is winter linen and then there is summer linen. Summer linen is also sometimes referred to as Arabic lawn. For your summers, summer linen is one of the best choices you should go for. The fabric is ultra-soft which will surely bring you pleasure. However, bear in mind not all summer linen fabrics are the same.

Lawn Pjs- sleepwear for Summers

Lawn sleepwear is also a good choice to go for in summers. Lawn is usually very light in weight and comfortable enough to make your nights peaceful.

Silk Night suits- Sleepwear – Pjs

Silk is probably the most popular fabric when it comes to sleepwear. It is way more common among couples in particular, as it brings a lot of pleasure and exoticness to one’s relationship. There are many types of silk with their unique characteristics. Satin silk, short silk, shamose silk are just few which are commonly used in night dresses, night suits and sleepwear in general. When it comes to silk; night robes, shorts and sleeveless tops are just as popular as the regular Pjs. Silk is not recommended for extreme hot weathers but if you are going to sleep in an air-conditioned room anyway, silk is not a difficult choice. Silk does make you look super-sexy and helps a great deal in your intimate relationship.   

Best Pjs for Summer?

It is impossible to name one fabric type and label it as the best sleepwear for summer because, as mentioned earlier; silk, cotton and linen have numerous variations. All you need to be sure about is that the fabric you are buying for your pjs should be lightweight, super soft and long-lasting. We at Maheen & Co., are very careful when we pick the fabric for sleepwear. Longevity, reliability and softness are the priority and that is the reason our customers are always fascinated over our sleepwear collection and we receive the best possible feedback.

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