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Origin of Hoodie

Hoodies have been associated with punk, skater and hip-hop culture for a long time now. It has a long history with being adapted by youth driven communities, sometimes criminal in subtext. The mainstream retail clothing market has now embraced it as a practical article of winter wear but it has never lost that dark edge.

The origin of hoodie goes way back to 1920s with very modest beginnings. Champion Products is a company which claims to have made the first hoodie. The company started making these sweatshirt type hoodies when they developed to sew thicker material.

From sportswear to Fashion

Hoodie quickly made its way from sports wear to fashion. Hoodie was originally made to be a practical wear but then took a leap to personal style when athletes started giving them to their girlfriends. The high school then as it is now, was a breeding ground for fashion and it soon embraced sportswear as fashion.

Hip-hop culture and hoodies

Come mid-seventies, the popularity of hip-hop culture was skyrocketing and the hoodies were being worn by people of influence on the streets. Many people wore it to keep a low profile on the streets and break dancers wore them to keep their bodies warm on the stage.

Hoodie was a piece of clothing which primarily started as a workout wear but now it has a permanent place in fashion. There are many brands worldwide who manufacture hoodies on a big scale selling them from few dollars to as expensive as thousands of dollars.

Hoodies for Young

Hoodies are definitely more popular among the younger generation and they lead its marketing. The trend came from rappers mostly who wore them to look sinister. Now this hoodie trend has taken over the urban clothing industry and almost everyone has at least one hoodie in one’s closet. Hoodies were originally for males only but in no time they got popular among young women. These days, almost all hoodies are treated as unisex and can be worn by either men or women. We are also seeing them getting their place in kids wear. Hoodies will always remain popular in certain communities and educational institutes in particular. There is almost no college or university who does not proudly display their name on a hooded sweatshirt.

Cotton fleece and polyester hoodies for winter

Hoodies come in a wide range of quality and that reflects its price as well. There are many materials that are used in making these hoodies. Cotton fleece and Polyester are probably the most common ones which are used as a mix or pure. Spending a good amount of money on a quality hoodie is always a good idea.

Best Hoodies Online

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