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Origin/History of t-shirts

Tshirts have pretty much found place in every closet around the globe. In almost all kinds of cultures and backgrounds, tshirts have somehow in some capacity made their way. From very casual ones to almost formal ones, there is a very bright chance that you own a few of them. tshirts have become a part of our sartorial lifestyle to a point where it seems they were around for as long as the human civilization itself, however, that is not the case. The origin of tshirts in particular date back to late 1800’s when the laborers started to cut short their jumpsuits in half during warmer temperatures in order to cool them off. It then made its way to the military before it revolutionized the garment industry.

T-shirts for men

t-shirts in the beginning were only male specific. They were popular in warmer regions among the laborer and military. Tshirts for men have transformed over the time with the introduction of new types of fabric being used, and certain variations in the overall style. From round neck to Polo t-shirts, full sleeves to half sleeves and then to sleeveless; tshirts became the perfect garment to go through the summer heats or just to feel easy at nights. T-shirts were also a cheaper option to go for and initially they were popular among the lower and middle class only.

Tshirts for women

Tshirts among women were not very popular in the beginning. They were simply not classy enough and were far from being the daily wear. However, it all started to change in late 1900’s and tshirts started to become very famous among teenage girls. The entertainment industry played a big role in promoting tshirts among the youth. Ladies tshirts or tshirts for women were slightly different in terms of style than their male counterparts. They were slightly bulkier with slight variations in the style of neck and sleeves.

Unisex tshirts

Tshirts much like almost anything these days is becoming unisex. Even in terms of style and stitching, pretty much any t-shirt is considered unisex. However, there are a few colors which are more popular among women. Women prefer going for bright and colorful tshirts whereas men would stick of ‘dull’ options such as black, Navy Blue, white etc.

Branded t-shirts

T-shirt have transformed the garment industry and have opened doors for various tshirt brands. A lot of businesses, small and big have seen tremendous growth and success in the tshirt business. There is a tshirt brand for all kind of customers ranging from those who are willing to spend very little to those who would spend a fortune on a tshirt.

Tshirts in Pakistan

The popularity of tshirts have skyrocketed in Pakistan since the beginning of the 21st century and with every day passed, they are only becoming more famous. Initially being famous among men only, now they are just as popular among women. Starting from infants to almost all kinds of age groups, tshirts are just the most comfortable piece of garment you can wear. Given the warm weather of Pakistan, there isn’t a better choice than wearing a tshirt.

Tshirts online

Ecommerce has taken the world by storm and Pakistan is no exception. You can order t-shirts online with as much ease as you would want. There are a lot of good online based brands selling quality t-shirts and brining new trends in t-shirt style and fashion. You can also get your t-shirts customized with almost any kind of print you want. Customization and printing of t-shirts with superheroes and characters from different tv shows and movies are just as popular as anything else.

Cotton t-shirts for summers

There are many different kinds of fabric used for making tshirts. The most famous of those are cotton and polyester. Cotton and polyester are commonly used as a combination of both and they are very different from each other in terms of durability and feel. Polyester is more popular when it comes to sports shirts, it is breathable and does absorb the sweat pretty well. Polyester is also very longlasting. Cotton, on the other hand is extremely soft and light to wear which makes it perfect for casual/formal wear.

-Salma Naeem

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