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Eid outfit ideas?

What to wear on eid? Best outfit for eid? What dress to wear for eid? Best dress for eid? Are just some of the questions we all have just before the arrival of the big day. Be it Eid-ul-fitr or Eid-ul-adha, it is one of the best days of the year and it needs to be celebrated with the best outfit that you have got for yourself. Eid is one of those occasions which unite Muslims from all over the world and has a high spiritual importance. From little kids to old, eid is a day of joy for all. Your Eid outfit has to be on point and we have come up with some really good suggestions.

T-shirt for eid?

Eid is a day for your cultural dress without a doubt, but as the day passes by you can surely switch to your eid shirt if that would make you feel comfortable. Your eid shirt has to be special and it would be better to go with a formal or ‘semi-formal’ tshirt for eid to keep the charm of the eid alive. However, given the weather of Pakistan, going to a slightly casual wear won’t be a bad choice at all. Looking at it with the background of Pakistani culture, people have preferred light color clothes for their eid Shalwar Qameez or eid Qurta or the tshirt. However, that trend has changed quite a bit and wearing bold colors such as blue, black, marron etc. have become the choice of many. When it comes to your outfit, there is no specific color which is attached to eid. It just needs to be your best and that means it has to be your favorite. Not only that you need to look good on the eid day, you also need to feel good as great.

Khussa for eid?

Good shoes take you good places they say. Shoes are one thing that most people look at first when they see you and therefore, they have to be just as good as your clothes. Khussa and eid are a match made in heaven, given that you choose to wear Shalwar Qameez for the day. Pakistani khussa designs are one of the best looking in the region and there is a wide range of variety in ladies and men khussa. Handmade leather khussas do make you feel like a royalty and we do recommend you get one for yourself.

Pjs for eid?

Eid days are not only for buying stuff that you are going to wear on the eid day. On the contrary, people shop a lot of general stuff around eid days. The reason is the eid deals. No matter what you need for your wardrobe, there is a very good chance that you’ll find a great eid deal for your shopping needs. Pajamas, Pjs or sleeping suits are those products which people buy a lot all year. The reason is the need to feel at home and get the best sleep one could. Pjs for eid is definitely what you should consider given the pjs eid deals different brands offer. Eid days are one of those times in a year which are ideal for shopping and that is why you should not miss out on your Pjs.

Online shopping for eid?

Given the situation with the pandemic, there is no way to buy stuff other than getting it online. Online shopping has been on the rise in Pakistan and is also getting better with time. Most of the times you can buy stuff online which is usually better in terms of quality and value for money compared to the stuff bought from regular physical outlets. The reason for that is online exclusive brands have relatively less cost of expenses than those managing physical stores and therefore, you can get much better deals online. Maheen & Co. is one of the best examples where you can get all you need for your tshirts, Pjs and khussa needs with the best value for your money.

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